Bazzara Academy

The Bazzara Academy in Trieste organises a new course to become a certified Q-Grader, an international expert in the selection and tasting of coffee. The course will be held at the Academy HQ in the centre of Trieste from August 26th – 31st 2019. It will be a week of highly specialized training during which tests of visual, olfactory and gustatory analysis will alternate with theoretical lectures on every aspect concerning the selection, roasting and tasting of coffee.

For the occasion, Bazzara Academy introduces Dr. Luz Stella Artajo Medina as trainer. An absolute guarantee. Dr. Luz Stella Artajo Medina, in fact, has been the judge of the Cup of Excellence (COE) since 2007, one of the most prestigious coffee competitions in the world. She has been working for years with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) as Regional Coordinator for South America. Dr.Luz Stella Artajo Medina is a Q-Instructor and has trained international tasters from all over the world. She is also Supervisor of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Campus in the field of specialty coffee processing.

At the end of the course, the participants who pass the final examination will receive a Q-grader certificate from the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). The Q-Grader module is aimed at all who have a basic knowledge of the coffee world, whether they are coffee lovers or sector operators.

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