Ninety Plus Coffee

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Ninety Plus Coffee is proud to announce that they broke the world pricing record again. Their 2019 prototype coffee was sold to The Espresso Lab in Dubai for a world record price of USD $10,000/kg. This breaks Ninety Plus’ previous record of $5,001.50/kg established at auction in 2017.

The founder of The Espresso Lab, Ibrahim H. Al Mallouhi, called this coffee “The Unrivaled” and will serve  it to his clients in Dubai at $250/cup.

This coffee represents a tiny fraction of what Ninety Plus produces but helps to showcase the broader work they do to reforest land with ecological integration of coffee, the high pay and quality of life offered to our workers, and their endless pursuit of the next frontiers of coffee taste.

This prototype coffees of very small size have very little direct economic impact while proving that the big work, to transform the coffee farming model, is paying off. This record transaction strongly indicates that the market continues to savor the large scale work Ninety Plus does.

Ninety Plus Coffee commits to continue to reforest hundreds of hectares of land in Panama (accepting much lower yields of much higher quality), to engage the highest-paid coffee farming workforce in the world with love for what they do (quality production at this level requires an unprecedented investment in training and salaries for farm workers), and to invest in the innovation and lengthy processes all of their coffees pass through to create such caliber of taste.

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